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A contemporary luggage brand that inspires elegance in everyday life. Proudly designed and engineered in The Netherlands.

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We are proud to present the new arrivals for 2020 :

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cabin size variety

March’s goal is to make products that our customers can rely on and enjoy. As such, we are committed to ensuring that we provide a range of products in a variety of cabin sizes matching current airline regulations to cater to the needs of travellers around the world, while also complying with airline industry requirements. We will always ensure to have a wide assortment of travel solutions for different needs, as soon as the market requires it.

All our smaller models are qualified as carry-on luggage for 90% of airlines.
So now you have a wider choice than ever for cabin-friendly convenience.

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With expert design and careful choice of materials, we’ve created luggage that’s lightweight dream to handle, without compromising quality or security. Our ultimate goal is to provide the lightest luggage possible in order to make a difference to all kinds of journeys.

With our range of lightweight cases, you’l benefit with every step.

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Materials and components

We only use hi-tech quality 100% new and fresh materials, such as Polycarbonate PC, ABS, and Polypropylene PP for our hard shell cases and hi-tech quality fabrics for our soft cases.

To maintain the hi-tech material performance all our hardshell PC, ABS and PP body materials undergo a one step vacuum pressing or injection molding process.

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TSA lock security

Security brings peace of mind and our TSA locks brings security plus. Travel Sentry Approved locks mean faster screening for checked-in luggage, because authorized personnel can gain access without delay or damage.

And at all other times, they give high level protection to your possessions. ..... read more

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Double wheel comfort

Cases with 4 x 2 wheels allow upright rolling in any direction for effortless travel. So say goodbye to the suitcase with a mind of its own. Many of our cases have true 8-wheel mobility for better manoeuvre and more stability. Travel can already be a wearying experience, so why make it worse ? Once you’ve tried a case that goes exactly where you want it to you’ll wonder how you ever managed before.

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5 Year warranty

Warranty free from defects in manufacturing and workmanship for 5 years from date of purchase. Accessories and parts under warranty are limited to trolley frame, handles, locks, wheels and zippers. No charges will be incurred for repairing or replacing manufacturing defects during the period of warranty period. ...... read more

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Expansion feature

Many of our soft cases have expandable features. Unzip the expanding section to release up to 20% more packing capacity whenever you need it.

SIX step product testing

March products are designed, manufactured and extensively tested to withstand the rigours of today’s travel. All our products go overpass 6 steps test, and subject to stringent quality controls



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running test

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staircase test

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handle test

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impact test

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temperature test

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MARCH head office

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The Netherlands


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